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Diving at dive site Dragonara Cave

Name Dive Site:Dragonara Cave
Depth: 4-18m (13-59ft)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Dragonara Cave, L'Ahrax Point, Inland Sea or Coral Grotto is a very shallow cave system but with superb views into the ocean from out of the caverns. There is a tunnel at 6 meters that leads to a small inland sea from where you can see the sky. The water temperature is a bit higher here than in the outside ocean which provides for excellent coral growth. Golden cup corals, red sponges, false coral, tubeworms and starfish are some of the species very common here. Cardinal fish, chromis, parrotfish and morays are common near the rocks as well.

The inland lake is more than 30 meters wide and accessible in multiple ways. Divers can start from the beach and make a long hour dive as it is approximately 700 meters before you enter the lake. Don't forget to surface here as the light and turquoise waters are excellent photograph opportunities. It is also possible for snorkelers to get there as the cave is part above and part below the water. If you only want to swim the 700 meter once, you can also abseil into the lake but remember that you have to cross some very slippery and dangerous rock sections. These days they have dumped sand there to make it easier and there is a campsite to mark the starting point from the beach.

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