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Comino is the smallest island of the three and consists mainly out of farmland.

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Comino is a very small island of less than two kilometers wide with only four permanent residents. It is quiet, cars are not often seen, and it is mainly inhabited by farmers. The most famous dive site and tourist spot is probably the Crystal Lagoon for its brilliant turquoise colours, that are often compared with bounty paradises in the tropics. The name Comino is coming from the herb cumin which ones grew in large numbers on the island.

The main reason to visit Comino is because of its spectacular farmland, views, remoteness, nature reserve and sanctuary place for birds. Other sights you should see are the small square St. Mary's Tower which is located on top of the hill and easily spotted from out of the boat. The island's many caves were once used by pirates as the perfect stronghold for attacking luxury boats crossing between Gozo and Malta. She was used as a strategic point by the Knights and served as a hunting paradise. Species such as wild boar and hares have unfortunately mostly disappeared nowadays.

The island is situated in between of Gozo and Malta and can easily be reached by ferry. Diving Comino is well established and divers can always start their dives as soon as they touch the ground of Comino. You can even arrange a dive trip that combines the arrival of the ferry and accommodation with Comino's only resort. The northern shore of Comino is covered with spectacular dive sites. Caves, which can be accessed above as well as below the water, fabulous rock formations and many other features that make diving in Comino special. Diving tours to some of the best dive sites of Comino can be arranged at almost each corner and will make your day one never to forget.

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