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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Malta.

Tugboat Rozi

Rated 4.8, 9 votes

The Tugboat Rozy is a 40 meter long tugboat which was sank as a tourist attraction in 1992 here in Cirkewwa. Being one of the best known dive sites in Malta, she was originally scuttled for tourists who were taking a submarine or glass-bottomed boat to see the under water area. She is located at about 100 meters out from the old steel jetty (now gone) marked by a huge yellow buoy. She is still fully intact except engine and propellers with its mast starting at 20 meters and most of the wreck b...

Blue Hole and Chimney

Rated 4.7, 7 votes

The Blue Hole near Dwerja Point is probably the most famous dive site in Malta which can be reached after a 200 meter hard walk down the rocky shore. The Blue Hole is a natural rock formation created by wind and water. Nowadays it has some of the most beautiful colors of blue and azure in it. In fact it is just an opening in the land that divers use to safely enter and exit the sea. It is about ten meters wide and five meters across but gives way to the open sea at nine meters deep once underwat...

Ghar Lapsi

Rated 4.6, 8 votes

Ghar Lapsi is an area south of Malta which offers some spectacular dive sites. After many steps down from a parking area you can enter the enclosed bay. There are some caverns, reefs with small walls and caves in the area, but the best known cave is reached after a short swim. It is beautiful especially during the day when the cracks in its ceiling produce a lot of light inside the caves. More than 40 meter long, shallow with many exits and full of light have made it a very special cave dive kno...

Imperial Eagle and Jesus Statue

Rated 4.6, 5 votes

The 'Imperial Eagle' used to be a ferry boat crossing from Malta to Gozo, carrying about 70 passengers and 10 cars, between 1958 and 1968. For the next 20 years, it was than used as a cargo ship on the same route. It was originally bought to replace the world famous 'Calypso' when the latter was donated to Jacques Yves Cousteau. On July 19th. 1999, the 43m long vessel was scuttled about 300 meters north east of Qawra Point. It now stands upright on a 40m sandy bottom. The 'I...

Santa Maria Caves

Rated 4.6, 9 votes

The shallow Santa Marija Caves or Comino Caves are some of the most fascinating cave systems in the world, located at the north side of Comino, Malta. More than ten are known to divers all having their own special attraction. Some have breathtaking views into the blue through their entrances while other connect with each other and create fantastic swimthroughs. There are caves half above and half below the water which are also perfect for snorkelers and some are huge underwater tunnels. The fa...

Reqqa Point or Reqqa Reef

Rated 4.5, 6 votes

Reqqa Point or Reqqa Reef is a spectacular steep drop-off that goes well beyond the 40 meter sport diving limits. Getting there from shore is after a small walk across some rocks fully geared up. Be extra careful for the many fishermen that fish here, but also for heavy wind and currents which can make the sea very choppy. The wall is covered in sponges with many of the smaller fish present. Boulders at the wall create perfect living places for groupers, scorpion fishes and octopus. But also p...

Billingshurt Cave

Rated 4.5, 6 votes

Billinghurst Cave is one of the longest cave dives in Gozo. Jumping from the cliff near Reqqa Point you can enter the 50 meter long cave which starts at only 3 meter below the surface. Its maximum depth is about 30 meter. Colorful sponges, lace coral, cardinal fish are some of the species you can encounter here. Bring a torch to see them in their full colors. The view of the cave entrance when you see the sunrays coming through the crystal clear blue waters is spectacular. For more experienc...

Anchor Bay

Rated 4.5, 6 votes

Anchor Bay is located in the northwest of Malta at the other side of famous Mellieha Bay. It is better known as Popeye Village as this bay was the movie setting for the film Popeye in 1980 with Robin Williams. It is located in between of two cliffs with the dive site directly opposite of it reachable by a small jetty like road. There are many boulders inside the bay which have formed nice swimthroughs and small caverns. There is also a very small wreck on the outside of the bay hardly worth me...

SS Le Polynesien

Rated 4.4, 9 votes

Le Polynesien is Malta's equivalent of the Titanic. She is a 19th century passenger liner sunk by a German U-Boat towards the end of World War One. This is a very large wreck in an exposed off-shore location. It is in deep waters and is very prone to currents. Diving Le Polynesien is only suitable for VERY experienced deep-air divers or technical divers using Trimix.At 152 meters in length and weighing 6659 tons le Polynesien is one of the largest wrecks in Malta. Being so large and in such ...

Blue Grotto or Wied Iz-Zurrieq

Rated 4.3, 6 votes

From the left of Zurrieq you follow the reef all the way to the blue grotto. It is quite far so if you don't feel like a long and dangerous surface swim it is better to make a giant stride entry from the boat. There are actually many caves and holes in the reef in this area, all to be found just outside the bay at the western side along the cliff wall. Only enter and surface in the designated areas as there are many boats dropping and picking up tourists that visit the blue cave. Together wi...