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Diving at dive site Madonna or Marfa Point Caves or the Training Pool

Name Dive Site:Madonna or Marfa Point Caves
Depth: 12-18m (39-59ft)
Accessibility: Shore
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The statue of the Holy Mary (the Madonna) including plastic flowers was donated and placed in this cavern by a local diving club in 1987. Getting there often starts in a small pool named the training pool from where you go down to the reef wall. From there you go down to 20 meters where you will see the small cavern with its spectacular amount of fish. There are some other caverns and swimthroughs along the wall.

It is ideal for beginners as there is a plateau of only 6 meters deep which is often used for doing skills. The area is covered with fire worms, urchins, cardinal fish and many other species of small fish. Octopus, sea grass, starfish and jellies are quite common as well and night diving is popular with a lot of action happening along the wall.

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Name: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

I just had my first diving experience in Malta. After doing initiation and skills in the pool, we went for the Open Water Dive at Marfa Point. It was spectacular: lots of sealife (fish in all sizes and colors, star fish, fire worms,...), nice coral walls and very good visilibity. A very nice first experience in the world of diving.

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