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patrik engstrom
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Diving the wreck of the Tent Peg Wreck.

Name Dive Site:Tent Peg Wreck
Depth: 15-20m (49-65ft)
Visibility: 5-20m (16-65ft)
Accessibility: Shore, Boat
Inserted/Added by: debono

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This is not a true shipwreck as very little is left of this very old wreck. It is better described as a wreckage site, and will be of little interest to most divers. However if you like harbour dives and are looking for a sheltered site in bad weather for a good rummage, then this could suit you very well.

These are the remains of an unknown ship known to local divers as The Tent Peg due to the large number of tent pegs found there that must be all that remains of its cargo. Very little of the structure remains now and visibility on this site can be very poor. The wreck is located in a busy yachting area so be careful of overhead boats.

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