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Diving at dive site Dawra Tas Sanap near Xlendi Bay

Name Dive Site:Dawra Tas Sanap
Depth: 10-40m (32-131ft)
Visibility: 30-50m (98-164ft)
Accessibility: Boat
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Tas Sanap or Dawra Tas Sanap is the first large bay southeast of Xlendi Bay. Anchorage is often at the east of the bay near two large anchors and close to a beautiful natural arch. This arch is an underwater connection with the above water surrounding cliffs. There is a nice underwater reef at about 8 meters which is your starting and return point whatever way you go. East of the reef near the wall at about 20 meters deep is an interesting and deep cave combined with a huge arch and massive boulders covered in sponges. West of the reef is a steep drop-off with depth well over 30 meters and predators enough to make it a dive not to forget.

Near the steep wall are many schools of bream, salema and barracuda to be seen. But also fish such as wrasses, damsel, dentex, spiny lobsters and groupers are not to be missed. The walls are covered in stone-leaf algae and golden zoanthids, while there are also some huge boulders covered in excellent red and orange colored sponges.

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