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Ulysses Cave is a freshwater dive inside a cave that starts with a huge cavern carved out of the steep cliffs.

Name Dive Site:Ulysses Cave
Depth: 10-45m (32-147ft)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Ulysses Cave sits just west outside Xlendi Bay and starts inside a large cavern carved out of the vertical cliffs. You will dive across a small slope covered with boulders until you finally reach a small cave. Its entrance is just big enough for two divers to enter at the same time. Inside you will find beautiful green algae, purple crustose algae, some lionfish and golden zoanthids. There is a small fresh water spring which makes the cave a cold freshwater dive site. A hazy layer of water exists, there where the salt and fresh water are separated from each other. Try to feel the difference between them by sticking your arms into the cooler or warmer layer. Don't expect large groups of fish as fishermen have caught many of them. It is a dive site which is very popular during the night as well.

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