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Diving near Gozo at dive site San Dimitri Point

Name Dive Site:San Dimitri Point
Depth: 10-40m (32-131ft)
Visibility: 30-50m (98-164ft)
Accessibility: Boat
Inserted/Added by: tanja

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San Dimitri Point, a few kilometers away from Gharb, is famous for its network of underwater caves. Many of these remain yet unexplored. However, within this system there are both caves that are perfect for advanced cave divers, as well as caves that are safe enough to be entered by beginners.

San Dimitri Point itself is located off the northwest of Gozo, just below the 80-meter high cliff colloquially referred to as Ras San Mitri, not far from ta' Gordan Lighthouse. Anchorage is often done near a shallow plateau at 6 meters' depth, from where a boulder-covered face descends to 30 meters. From there it gradually descends well beyond diving limits. The sea floor is covered in smaller rocks and aggregate; it tends to be calm, with wind coming from the east. The extant currents guarantee you will see quite a few barracudas, dentex and other pelagic species of fish.

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