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Diving at dive site Qawra Point

Name Dive Site:Qawra Point
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Qawra point is located at the north-eastern tip of St. Paul’s Bay. This Dive site is accessible after a short walk from the nearby car park. The entry is on the left side of the point and the depth here is about 4m.

Heading straight out north, the rocky sea bed gently slopes to about 10m and than you will find a small drop-off that goes down to a sand field at 15m. From this point the diver has two options. Going to the end of the sand field on the left side, where the sea grass (pasadonia) starts, there is a small arch that leads outwards to another sand field at 22m. Just past the arch and on the left side there is a very small old anchor very well camouflaged. After spending a few minutes looking around on the sand field, return to the drop-off and follow the wall to the right side.

The bottom here becomes patches of grass and small boulders and the depth gets shallower to around 8 m. This is a good area to look for morays, octopus and cuttle fish. If you are lucky, you may also find a Sea Horse.

Follow the wall until you find the entrance to a small cave known as the “blow hole”. This cave goes in about 15m and you can safely surface in the blow hole itself. Inside this cave one can see a wide variety of crabs, shrimps and sprats. Also one of the species you can sometimes find here is the marine 'goldfish' the Swallowtail Sea Perch (Anthia anthias).

Once out of the cave turn left and after a few metres level go to the top of the reef, 4m and follow the shore line back to the exit.

WARNINGS: Hard Sole Neoprene Boots are a must as the rocks are quite sharp. Walk very carefully. Whilst this dive is good for all levels of divers, it can only be done on calm sea conditions as the entry / exit will be a bit tricky if there is a strong swell.

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