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Diving at dive site Qawra L-Cave

Name Dive Site:Qawra L-Cave
Depth: 18-42m (59-137ft)
Visibility: 10-30m (32-98ft)
Accessibility: Shore, Boat
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From the Qawra point entry, take a compass bearing of 30 degrees, and make a surface swim of around 250m or until you are in a straight line with the tip of Qawra point and Ghallis Tower.

Diving down, you should find yourself at a depth of around 20m. Heading north east should get you to the drop-off. The sandy bottom here is around 40m, but do not go down. Stay on the wall and follow it to the right. You should notice that you are now in a valley so follow it till the end.

Looking at the bottom of the opposite wall, you should see a rock partially hiding the small entrance to the cave. The Depth here is 33m. When going in, be careful not to kick up a lot of sand. The first 10m of the cave are narrow and dark, but after that you will see the light of the exit as the cave widens and turns to the left. The exit is on 36m.

Congers, morays, shrimps, crabs, cardinal fish and groupers are some of the species that make this cave their home. Once out of the cave, head left and follow the wall back to the valley. Go up to the reef and head west. Follow the slope up and hold a level of around 6m until you are back at the exit at Qawra point.

WARNINGS:This dive is for the very experienced ONLY. Due to the location of the cave, it is best done as a boat dive and with a local, experienced guide. If doing it from shore, watch out for boat traffic. Do not go more than 4 divers inside the cave as visibility will surely get bad with the finning. Torches and dive computers are a must. Keep your eyes on the air supply and deco time. It is a long way back to shore.

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