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Diving at the outside of St Pauls Reef

Name Dive Site:Qawra and St Pauls, St Pauls, Reef Outside
Depth: 4-30m (13-98ft)
Visibility: 10-30m (32-98ft)
Accessibility: Boat
Inserted/Added by: sharkman

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At the furthest northeast tip of St. Paul's Islands there is a reef that starts at 4m and heads out eastwards for a very long distance before turning south and than west back to the Island. This reef is divided in three (3) separate boat dives, the first of which is the 'Outside'.

Anchoring at 4m and about 20m away from the tip of the island, the reef wall drops down to 14 m. Here, one can find a large selection of sea sponges, sea squirts, starfish, sea urchins, soft corals and for the macro photographer's delight.. a Nudibranches paradise. Also parrotfish, wrasses, damsels, fireworms, breams, Octopus, congers and morays can also seen.

Following the reef wall for about 100m eastwards the depth comes to 19m. Here one will see a rock formation next to the wall. Heading straight out away from the wall for a distance of 35 m and at a depth of 24m, one can see another wreck. That of a once silver coloured OPEL ASCONA. (2lt engine & automatic gearbox). This car brings me many memories. It is now a shelter for Morays and Scorpion fish.

After seeing the car, it is best to head back to the top of the reef wall at 10m and return to the boat.

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