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Diving in the south east of Malta at dive site Ghar Lapsi

Name Dive Site:Ghar Lapsi
Depth: 5-16m (16-52ft)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Ghar Lapsi is an area south of Malta which offers some spectacular dive sites. After many steps down from a parking area you can enter the enclosed bay. There are some caverns, reefs with small walls and caves in the area, but the best known cave is reached after a short swim. It is beautiful especially during the day when the cracks in its ceiling produce a lot of light inside the caves. More than 40 meter long, shallow with many exits and full of light have made it a very special cave dive known all over the world. There are some open air spaces in which you can surface and enjoy nature at its best. It is light and wide enough to dive next to each other which suits advanced as well as beginning divers.

From some of the caves it is possible to enter through the roof right on top of the reef with all its caverns and boulders. The many rocks make it a perfect hiding place for smaller fish from their natural enemies. There is a huge rock known as Black Rock reachable from shore with many of the common marine life. About 15 minutes swimming to the east is an area which is known to have three smaller caves. Two of them can be surfaced while the other is a dome like cave. If you like cave diving this is one of the best around Malta.

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