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Diving in the north west of Malta at ship wreck the Tugboat Rozi

Name Dive Site:Tugboat Rozi
Depth: 20-36m (65-118ft)
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The Tugboat Rozy is a 40 meter long tugboat which was sank as a tourist attraction in 1992 here in Cirkewwa. Being one of the best known dive sites in Malta, she was originally scuttled for tourists who were taking a submarine or glass-bottomed boat to see the under water area. She is located at about 100 meters out from the old steel jetty (now gone) marked by a huge yellow buoy. She is still fully intact except engine and propellers with its mast starting at 20 meters and most of the wreck between 30 and 35 meters of water. She sits upright, head facing west with all areas accessible. Entering can be done thought the empty engine room and the wheel house. But be careful with the sharp rusting metal parts especially on the ships railings. Other things which can be seen are a battery on the port side bridge and something that looks like a grill barbecue. When you are good with air you can dive along a wall which passes a large anchor on your way back. You probably do not have time for it, but if you want it is possible to combine this dive site with the statue of the Madonna, which lies nearby in a small crevice in only 18 meters of water.

Although relatively young she is already full of marine life. Thousands of fish with mainly chromis, seabreams and sand smelt. At times it is necessary to dive through hundreds of not dangerous jellies. There are also huge anemones (Condylactis aurantica) around the wreck covering the sandy sea floor. You will also see amberjack (Seriola dumerili) and bonito (Sarda sarda). We don't approve it, but divers who bring a little bit of bread will find themselves surrounded with damsel fish and silverbeam. Looking up to the mast you will see many rainbow wrasses and cardinal fishes. Morays live in many of the holes and pipes while barracuda's have been reported to hover around the wreck in the current. The beautiful setting, clear water and amount of fish life will make it a dive never to forget.

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