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Diving at ship wreck the Polynesia

Name Dive Site:SS Le Polynesien
Depth: 55-70m (180-229ft)
Visibility: 20-40m (65-131ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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Le Polynesien is Malta's equivalent of the Titanic. She is a 19th century passenger liner sunk by a German U-Boat towards the end of World War One. This is a very large wreck in an exposed off-shore location. It is in deep waters and is very prone to currents. Diving Le Polynesien is only suitable for VERY experienced deep-air divers or technical divers using Trimix.

At 152 meters in length and weighing 6659 tons le Polynesien is one of the largest wrecks in Malta. Being so large and in such deep water it cannot be explored in just one dive. The ship is lying upright on the seabed, complete in one piece and not heavily broken up as many ships of this age are. Go with a guide that knows the wreck and don't start exploring it unaccompanied. This is a magnificent wreck dive with still many artifacts onboard. NOTE that it is illegal to remove artifacts from the wreck.

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