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Diving at dive site Lantern Point or Lighthouse Reef

Name Dive Site:Lantern Point, Lighthouse Reef or Chimney
Depth: 15-40m (49-131ft)
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At the south side of the most southwest point of Comino is a dive site named Lantern Point, Lighthouse Reef and/or the Chimney. In Malta it is called Ras L-Irqieqa where boats mostly anchor on top of a 6 meter deep plateau. From there you can go left and right, but most divers prefer to start their dive with the few meter wide chimney which brings you down the limestone plateau to about 16 meters. There are some huge boulders on the left which have created nice swimthroughs and tunnels. Some overhangs can be found at the right. Pay attention to you depth as the sandy bottom starts at more than fifty meters deep.

The reef wall houses some dentex, amber jacks, barracudas, bream and groupers. Inside the holes and cracks of the wall you might find huge moray eels and octopus. Inside the chimney you often see some fire worms and other very small creatures. The caverns, overhangs and small caves are full of damsel, starfish, shrimp, crabs and sponges. So there is enough action for the experienced in very deep waters but also for novice divers who can stay near the wall and the shallower parts of this dive site.

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