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Diving at the inside of St Pauls Reef

Name Dive Site:Qawra and St Pauls, St Pauls, Reef Inside
Depth: 3-22m (9-72ft)
Visibility: 2-15m (6-49ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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This is were this reef ends, back at the island. Here the top of the reef is at about 3m, and heading west, it drops down in a series of plateaus to a sand field at 22m. Following the wall towards the Island, one will find many huge boulders, some of which you can pass under. Under these boulders, one can see Cardinal fish and Brown Meagre.

Visibility in this area gets less due to the fish farming pens close by, but there are always quite a lot of fish around.

WARNINGS: Keep On the look out for gill nets and fishing lines. Fishermen love this area.

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