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Diving at dive site the Canyon

Name Dive Site:St Pauls, Reef Canyon
Depth: 4-35m (13-114ft)
Visibility: 10-30m (32-98ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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Here the boat will anchor at around 10m depth. This is the same area were one can go to see the wreck of the OPEL ASCONA. Going to the drop off, the depth here falls down to 20 m and Keeping the reef wall to your right you will than find yourself in a natural canyon with a max depth of 23m. To the left you will notice that there is another reef wall going up to 17m. The outer side of this wall goes down to 28m and then slopes down to a huge sand field at 35m.

The best way to dive this site is to leave the anchor, keep a depth of around 12m and cut across the canyon to the outer reef wall. Keep the outer reef on your right and follow the wall. After around 50m go to the top of the reef and back into the canyon. You can than follow the canyon back to the anchor. Besides the large variety of reef fish, one can also be lucky to spot Bonitos, Groupers or a stingray.

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